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The Skynch – ideal for step towing

Since the Skynch has practically no idle resistance on the drum it should theoretically be ideal for step towing – today we tested this theory, and it held! We only made one ‘step’, but altitude loss on the downwind leg was minimal (comparable to flying with no line attached) and the re-engaging upon return to an against the wind/winch course was super easy and intuitive.

It would make sense to have plenty of line on the drum (there is after all room for 4km of the stuff!) but today we had only 1000m and thus couldn’t use the full length of the paddock on the 2. step. But it still gave us an extra 100m to play with, enough to make the difference between connecting and landing on most days.

All in all a very good days’ testing,

Product feature

• Tow alone

• Fits in the boot of your car

• Perfect for step towing

• No smoke

• Less noise

• All electric

• Short preparation time

• Great safety

• No propeller

• Normal position for XC flight

• Fits on trailer hitch

• One person operation

• Makes your day