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How it works


The RC Skynch, a remote controlled  winch system. It is simple; you mount the winch on the trailer hitch of your car (or on permanent anchors) pull out the tow line and launch yourself using the remote control in your hand. Easy and relatively safe. Who can best judge if the pull is to hard or to weak, and who has the control in his hand? The pilot.

Check out this video showing the first generation RC Skynch in function


If you want to know more about how the Skynch came to world, then check out the history pages here)


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If you still have questions to how things works in the Skynch world, you are welcome to send us an e-mail.

Product feature

• Tow alone

• Fits in the boot of your car

• Perfect for step towing

• No smoke

• Less noise

• All electric

• Short preparation time

• Great safety

• No propeller

• Normal position for XC flight

• Fits on trailer hitch

• One person operation

• Makes your day